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Sattva Sanitizers and Disinfectants are made from the Finest Quality Alcohol called Extra Neutral Alcohol,the Primal Ingredient for our sanitizers which kills 99.99% Germs and Viruses .Our Products are Manufactured in ISO,GMP Certified Facilities and Specifically formulated following WHO norms and standards.Stop the Spread,Use Sattva Sanitizers and Be Safe.

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The pandemic has transformed how the public thinks about hygiene – including handwashing and hand and surface sanitizing. But unfortunately, the pandemic has also spurred the production and sale of hand sanitizers that are not all safe and effective.

The Government has issued warnings, alerts, and bans on more than 100 hand sanitizers for being unsafe or ineffective, including products contaminated with methanol (also known as wood alcohol) and 1-propanol, both toxic ingredients.

Sattva Hand Sanitizers are not formulated with 1-propanol or methanol; the active ingredient in Sattva Hand Sanitizer is Extra Neutral Alcohol ,the highest grade Ethyl alcohol which is Food Grade. Our name, Sattva, says it best – we have the highest standards and use the purest ingredients.

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Sattva-Purity in Living

Fuelled by our passion to do more and backed by our expertise , Sattva products are designed to help you protect your family from harmful germs that can cause illness.Our Wide range of Disinfectants are specifically Formulated to be effective against Coronavirus and various other viruses.



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